It's not as simple as it seems. We take the extra steps to eliminate board gapping and squeaking after installation, cull out unsightly boards, and insure seamless finishes against adjoining materials. We cover every detail of the process; from demo and prep of sub-floor to rehanging base and moving furniture, the one-stop-shop for your project. 


The beauty in wood floors is that they can be made to look brand new time and time again through the refinishing process, each time offering a new canvas to create upon. Whitewashed to dark rich browns, hard finishes to rubbed oils, let us bring back the luster and character in your floors.


Stairs are our favorite as they provide to most options to add special details. We look way beyond simply swapping out carpet for wood treads. A staircase should be a work of art, incorporating custom nosing details, edge inlays, side caps, and so on. We also have options that can prevent slipping on the smooth wood treads.


Unlike many companies who will ask you to call a trim carpenter to install new baseboard, we can take care of that end of the process for you as well. If the old baseboard can be salvaged, we clean it up before reinstall, often making it look better than it did originally.  


We also install wood railings and wood or metal balusters. If you'd like a different look, such as all metal railing or steel stair stringers, we can also arrange that with friends of ours who specialize in the metal works. A fresh railing along with new stair treads can make a huge difference to any staircase. 


Hardwood floors are great in themselves, but lets not stop there! There's many extra details that can really take a project to the next level. Considering the right type of vent covers, adding sound-proofing in certain areas, and knot hole fill are just a few of the aspects that should be considered.